What you use for the word "fella". The common expression is used as "welp a felp" and means to have sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite gender.
Mom - "Hey honey what did you do today?"

Jackie - "Just welped a felp."
by Jackieeeeesam February 16, 2009
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acronym for Fuck Everything Let's Party, popular phrase used by teens and young adults. Origin: small coastal towns of central New Jersey such as Toms River and Point Pleasant
Kate came home saying, "I've had it with this town, F.E.L.P., I'm going to New York for the weekend."
by San Jose dos January 23, 2014
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someone who is kind and gentile. they are tough but have a sweet side. they are strong and good willed and everyone should get to know them.
by spongebobsquarepants123 May 22, 2016
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