Home to the two most contrasting areas of NJ. Bergen County is rich as hell and Hudson County is poor as hell (except Hoboken).
Jersey City Kid: $1?!?! That's way too much for a water bottle! Damn, I get that shit free at home.
Hoboken Kid: $7 for my caramel fudge whipped cream double espresso iced mochiatto Starbucks latte? Hell yeah! This shit is CHEAP as hell!
by inkaholic April 05, 2005
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The richest area in New Jersey. Richest county is Bergen (15 min from NYC). Has upper-middle class residents. It isnt unusual for a home to sell for millions of dollars. Richest town in Bergen county is Alpine.
Alabama Hick: I wish i had an iPod.
Northern New Jersey person: I already have 4. Besides my Dad CAN buy Apple if he wanted to.
by M.P. March 27, 2005
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