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When any number of people are related (fellated) by means of the act of fellatio, be it directly or vicariously through one female fellating several males. Both females and males can be fellated, by having blown the same guy, having recieved from the same girl, or blow brothers, who have each received from the same female. No male on male action allowed
Susan:So whats our fellationship?
Steve: Well you gave Jim dome, and he got dome from my girlfriend, you tell me.
Susan: Ohh so we are fellated. I'm your step sister of sorts because I blew Jim who was blown by Lucy, meaning I've blown you by means of a substitute
Steve: We can change that right now... (unzips knickers to receive sloppy dome session followed by gratuitous money shot on Susans face)
by Boners Mcgee February 14, 2008

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The modern day "Paul Revere" is a way of notifying fellow citizens at a social gathering of sexual conquests you have just made with a drunken whore. Upon exiting the sex arena, and returning to a party with said whore upon your arm, you either throwing up one finger-vagina, or two- ass, indicating which orafice you penetrated, to forewarn your bros of the possible angles of attack. Several variations exist depending on levels of sexual deviance, perhaps 2 being ass to mouth, or bondage. Nonetheless, it requires mutual understanding among all citizenry to be effective.
*Frat bro Joey walks down stairs with stumbling sorority girl, confidently waving two fingers to any brother he sees*

Chad- "Ohh shit, 2 if by rear, Paul Revere rides onn"

* hi five ensues*

Joey- " helll yeaa bro, you better tap that before we battle on her bunker hill again...."

* Brief period of confusion...*

Joey-" ..Yea... just fuck her in the ass, shes down."

Chad- "Ohhhh, word bro."
by boners mcgee November 18, 2009

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Echobrocation is a fine tuned sonic ability that fraternity brothers seem to adaptively gain once they are well established in their respective brotherhood. In party settings, the frat males environmental niche, one brother will yell out a short nonsensical phrase that other fraternity members are sensitive to, and upon hearing, will repeat until all others have joined in. The reflected verbal phrasing is essential for pinpointing other bros locations in the hot, dark, hostile environment that is a frat party.
Classic example of echobrocation at a party:

Joey (yelling after hitting last cup): wattttaaayaaaaagottt !!

Chad( Loudly, from next room): wattawattayagottt!!!

Randall (From upstairs): waaaaaaaatayagotttt sonnn!!!!
by boners mcgee February 15, 2010

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When a female is on all fours performing oral sex on a male of large stature and the male bends over, utilizing his lankiness, and reaches down her back to finger the females butthole. The combined efforts of the penis in the mouth and finger in the butt closely resemble the old American past time of corn on the cob, as enjoyed with corn holders. The sexual position was followed closely by the revolutionary utensils which are small prongs placed in the ends of the corn to prevent dirtying of the fingers.

Note: This is not to be confused with "chicken on a spit".
- Sometime in the 1880's, in a barn in rural Pennsylvania, a farmer and his fat wife are getting frisky....

Jebidiah: "Yeaa you like when I finger your butthole while you perform oral sex upon me?"

Gertrude: "Oh indeed, it is a pleasure unlike any other.."

Jebidiah- deep in thought..

"I've got it! If we can mutually please eachother without me having to touch all of your hideous, slimy body why can't we do the same with... Corn on the Cob!

And thus corn was never eaten the same way again...
by Boners mcgee September 26, 2010

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