Mixture of cum and shit retrieved from the coit with a straw or conduit using a sucking action
Tony came back from the surf club with some felchers milkshake on his lips. I knew he was a suss cunt
by Irootedyamum July 4, 2019
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Lower scum than the mother fucker, the mother felcher will felch his own mother. This guy is a sick, sick man.
Get away from me, mother felcher.
You felch your mother with that mouth?
by birdbird April 9, 2008
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a. a person who sucks their own cum out of an ass's asshole
b. a wonderful explitive
a. wow, i just heard stacy got drunk and called the cop a donkey felcher last night!
b. you goddamn donkey felcher!
by rosenelson07 July 11, 2008
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a guy that sucks the cum out of a gay mans ass after two men have sex
by billy March 16, 2004
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n. The gnarliest sludgiest band ever to exist on any fucking planet.

adj. (Sloo-dge fell chur) To describe an individual who sucks diarrhea out of another's rectum

Syn: Ass Eater, Mud Sucker, Shit Sipper, #EmergencyColonoscopy#nofilter, Pinkeye.
by steamyshitstainedsludgechest January 3, 2013
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is when you cum in someones ass and you have a friend suck it out with or without a straw
Hey jeff could you stop by the house today and give my wife a friendly felcher
by bob todler October 3, 2009
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A dark or dank place usually filled to the brim with Felchers, Felchmongers, Felch merchants and Felch farmers going about their business.
guy1: Yo dude, the other night i walked in to blockbuster and it was like a total Felchers Dungeon.

guy2: Dude, what did you do?

guy1: What else, i got down on all fours and farmed me some felch!
by Felchers Dungeon November 14, 2009
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