An Australian slang term for the human sphincter or "asshole".
by DOOM! November 3, 2003
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Australian slang for assehole
get off your fat coit and get me a beer. I can't I'm too pissed.
by Alfonso of Fyshwick October 10, 2005
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short for 'coitis' (sexual intercourse)
"see that chick over on the couch, we're going to coit later"
by John Griffin May 13, 2004
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A word meaning 'Coat', From Yorkshire I think.
'Giz me coit'. Meaning 'Give me my coat'.
by Netti October 12, 2006
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He was a total coit to hook up with all of those girls.
by Anonymous October 7, 2003
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Getting laid, bumpin' nasties, makin' the beast with two backs, etc. Coit is based on the name of an old game called Quoits where you throw a rope or metal ring over a peg (like when you play horseshoes).
Get coited and die.
by Bored Silly December 28, 2009
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