to feel a thing is in rhythm with ya life feeling good.
"If you wanna just hang out chica, I'm feelin' that" ;)
by Jactan April 29, 2015
To like or enjoy something
You heard that new gangstarr.... I'm feelin' it fa' sho
by DJ Gurgla July 9, 2003
What you say to someone when you don't agree with their decesion

"Baby, I want to break up"
"Yea, not feelin it..."
by Hermitage_XCountry April 15, 2009
when you are talking to some one your friends will say that to you. If you like someone or no
by Courtney May 3, 2004
When someone likes or dislikes something!
1)"Hey Bob, I love that song"
"Yeah me too, I'm well feelin` it!"


2)" Ere Sarah, I don't like it in here can we go?"
"Yeah I aint feelin` it either!"
by Loo_Poo August 23, 2007
When that substance kicks in a you stand up in front of your friends and you feel that rush come one and all you can say is FEELIN...
Manndid a huge hollywood with backdoor billy. I Was fukin FEELING.
by Adam Feeling September 30, 2018
Feeling hung over like a motherfucker because you totally drank way too much the last night.
Jack: hey man, how was that party last night?
Jimmy: dude I'm totally feelin it
by JeffJones1230 January 29, 2008