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Fucking Crappy Ass Test given to students in Florida. It was made to fuck up everyone's lives, even teachers.
Student: Man I failed the damn FCAT.
Teacher: That's nothing. I got fired.
by Bakalaka October 09, 2006
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Florida Children Are Tortured

All year long Floridian students are taught what they will see on the FCAT. The schools are graded by the average score a school gets on the FCAT. FCAT really means, Florida Comprehensive Assesment Test. Instead of caring so much about the FCAT we should be thinking about more standardized tests (as in a standard to the nation, not Florida) such as the SAT and ACT. And that is a FACT.
Bob:FCAT is tomorrow.
Dylan: I hate the FCAT, it's so lame. There is too much pressure put into it.
by MightY(ConFed) March 11, 2008
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Fcat: The horrible acronym for, Florida Comprehensive assesment test
Basically the first 10 years of school in florida is based upon this test, and ruins the lives of at least 25% of students. 50% if you count the nerds who thought they did bad even though they were 1000 points over the regular standards. Fuck Nerds.
I took the fucking Fcat today, i definitly failed. You can have all my shit, i wont be at school tommorow.....
by Josh Gaylord November 05, 2004
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The test that Floridian kids enrolled in public school (And teachers) dread.
Floridian Teacher: The FCAT is coming up in two months... GET YO' LAZY BUTTS STUDYIN' OR I'M GONNA BE FIRED!

Kids: I wish my mom put me in Private school...
by BarefootFloridian105 February 04, 2012
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