Clear is methamphetaminemes, ice or other shwag methamphetamines comminly used by drug dealers
Yo nigga lets hit up some clear.
by big pimpin February 2, 2005
The vape delivered directly from the hands of god. It is used to get you higher than a kite.
Pass me the clear.
by Superior Walker January 24, 2019
One who is so fake, you can see right though them; someone who is trying to be something they obviously are not.
by Mir-laing July 18, 2003
Clear is a rare name for a girl, but inside she is a intelligent and beautiful girl/woman. She can be quite mean and self conscious of herself. She hates being ignored or being told lies so if I were you I wouldn’t lie to a Clear.
Omg It’s Clear!
That’s a very unusual name..I like it!
by Laurenxx June 2, 2019
Magical healing gift for brain
Ultraviolet: wow my life is fucked up
Friend: here is some medical saving medicine "Clear you go."

Ultraviolet: wow things are much better now thank you. I can't ever repay you but I hope fuzz doesn't catch up
by ||♡|| October 24, 2020
Way to describe a guy who is true and clean.
Jack: Are you sure this guy is ok?
Joe: Yea man, he clear.
by Ugdrayunnerray February 13, 2017
(adj) To be speechless for an extended period of time in result of a direct verbal attack.
by Grant Burnes October 22, 2008