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As distinct from romantic ‘partner’, a fartner is someone in a relationship who feels sufficiently comfortable with their romantic partner as to fart freely in their presence. Generally, fartnerships take a moderate amount of time and inconsideration to develop, and, consequently, may be viewed as a more well-established relationship than a typical romantic partnership.
Jane: “Hi, there. You’re Michael, right? You’re Melissa’s partner?”

Michael: “Fartner, actually. Melissa and I are fartners. We’ve been together for about three years, now.”
by Reginald Smiley April 07, 2008
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Either of two persons who instance on farting in front of each other.
One of two persons who join up together to fart in inappropriate settings.
Either of two person who share an intimate relationship and think it's funny beyond belief to out do each other by farting incessantly.
Mary and John are not only married but fartners in crime. Have you ever stayed at their home?
Don't go to dinner with Bob and Gerry. They are fartners true and true and public displays are their MO.
by Ladyomygod August 10, 2013
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Fartners is a social network where people can share farts with friends, discover others’ farts, follow friends and celebs, comment, like, rate, play, re-fart and so on.
I'm using Fartners to follow other's farts
by DanFatMan January 01, 2015
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the noise made from the body suction of two naked people lying on top of one another sounding similar to flatulence noise
We were getting ready to have sex and then our bodies created a fartner
by johnnypow April 20, 2008
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