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Experienced while sitting in a hot car, a smallish pocket of intestinal gas escaping your anus and rather than being released for all to enjoy, you enjoy it traveling in a civilized manner toward your gooch.
Shut up or I'll release this fart bubble of death.
by carpefishus January 10, 2009
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A bubble that stubbornly resides within the chambers of your anus that requires extra force of the bowels to release usually resulting in a fart amplified five to ten times in loudness.
A fart bubble was stuck in my butt in the middle of English, I really wanted to get it out so I forced and that resulted in the most embarrassing moment in my lifetime.
by TheNeologist November 09, 2010
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when you fart and it gets stuck between your buttcheeks, so you have to do a littl wiggle and picking to get it out.
emma, i ate chipotle today, and i'm having major fart bubbles right now
by harambeismylife September 16, 2016
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Little bubbles that appear on top the water when crabs fart!
Hey I was watching deadliest jobs and Captain Phill saw the fart bubbles and said put the baskets in here,
by troubledemon March 29, 2010
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a bubble accidently blown out of the anal region while screaming at the nergie that took your fried twinky, usually smells like green beans and meatloaf.
hey nigga, gimme that back.
oh shit i just blew a fart bubble!!
by Jorem March 01, 2008
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