Aqua is completely and utterly useless
by Faidhajag February 1, 2019
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Another name for meth, because it looks clear and turns liquid like water.
Got any aqua?
by ska213 July 19, 2018
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Main ingredient of shampoo. Fancy term for water, because shampoo's are too cool to use the word water.
Nu-uh! It's not water.. it's *aqua*
by Supersonic^ January 26, 2005
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A character in Kingdom Hearts who went WAAAAY over the lines of Disney and was modified, although Square managed to sneak in a few subliminal messages, like when you pause the game her boobs jiggle, her pants look too tight, and a very exposed back. Oddly enough, she hasn't received much attention hentai-wise.
by Narutosuperkubii September 6, 2011
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