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The type of annoying muffler found on many pos compact cars today. Often capable of setting off car alarms and deafening infants. Most pitiful sounding on cars with automatic transmission.
Can you hear it, its a rice rocket coming; you can hear the fart can on it half a mile away.
by dieselpower May 23, 2006
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Any muffler with a wider exhaust port that allows for a louder sound. Typically found on cars owned by drivers who can't afford a real street-racing car but want to act like they have one.
Fartcans are installed on cars strictly to make noise to annoy other drivers.
by Tommyt January 20, 2006
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Oversize "performance" exhaust found on underpowered import "rice" cars. Generally reduces performance and makes the car sound like it's farting, or like a lawnmower.
Look at the fartcan on that civic.
by DrewZee May 10, 2003
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A gigantic muffler mod used mostly on asian import cars, it sounds stupid (Ie. Fart) and its only real purpose is to make up for the drivers tiny penis.
Thats a huge fart-can, he must have a tiny cock.
by Justin Barrett October 07, 2005
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Also known a fart cannon, a fart can is a resonator attached to the exhaust pipe of a car (typically found on older, grocery-getter hatchbacks) intended to give a high performance exhaust note. However, the sound is almost always best described as a loud, annoying fart (MmmmmmBAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM, repeated with use of the throttle). Also, the exhaust does nothing for performance. The usual person who buys such a useless item is a ricer (synonymous with idiot). You will never, EVER see these on the car of a tuner or a true car enthusiast, as the money that would have been used to buy a fart can, would instead be set aside for actual performance modifications, as per the former and the latter, or set towards a better car, as per the latter
Ricer: Checkit my sweet exhaust, yo! Sound sooo sweet!

Intelligent person: That's just a fart can. All it is, is annoying.

Ricer: Shut up, man! I know more about deez cars and what to do wid 'em than you could dream, yo!

Intelligent person: You are a waste of oxygen. please go find a fire and die in it.
by amtgman May 03, 2008
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A exhaust on a 4 cylinder engine that is very fucking annoying. usually just a muffler/tip combo.

An ls-1 engine or any other LsX vehicle is not allowed to sound like this, for it is physically impossible to reproduce the annoying sound of a fart can in this style of engine.
What the fuck was that shitting sound comming from that cavaliers exhaust?

Just another fart can, im glad my Trans Am doesnt sound like that or I would cut my own balls off.
by JoshieDoom December 08, 2008
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A large bore, straight through muffler generally found on four cylinder cars. Usually meant as an insult towards modified import cars, usually said by mullet-wagon (Mustang, Camaro, etc.) owners.
A fartcan sounds horrible on a domestic car. :)
by neak January 19, 2005
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