A fat chick who cuts a fart in front of other people.
That chunker let it rip right in front of all of us. What a fart bitch.
by PMax February 23, 2008
a word that mexicans use when they insult their children
you are a pussy fart bitch.
by fragfgrad June 30, 2014
a fart that is either weak, short, high pitched,unmanly, or otherwise embarrassing in anyway
peter: (bitch fart noise)
will: peter that was such a bitch fart
peter: are you for serious... that was at least an adolescent fart
ap: no peter that was in fact a bitch fart
will: it was a short little nothing that was at least two octaves too high
by LEVELED December 8, 2008
Someone who sucks ass at ping pong, has crusty black lips, a farts like a bitch.
Gosh, Ryan is such a farting ass bitch.
by Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww November 13, 2016
When you please bae with a fucking moldy pickle and your bitch farts and the stench is so bad you won’t go near that cake for weeks.
“Hey you gonna bang Sara this week?” “Nah man she pickle bitch fart caked
by FaffyEnderman March 4, 2020
When yo bitch queef when you guys are fucking
My gf had some major bitch-farts the other day
by Keisha con migo August 25, 2019