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1. adverb; the apropos method of saying fuck in a crowded room without offending your parents.

2. verb; to fuck, or better still, to butt-fuck

3. exclaimation; to be yelled with enthusiasm after striking an apendage with a hammer, some heavy object or when you walk in on your wife/husband/so having sex without you.
1. You farqin' corksuckers! You violated my farqin' rights!

2. Ahh baby, that's it!!!! Farq my cornhole!

3. Get the FARQ outta here!
by xanthrant November 25, 2005
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In the software development industry, refers to screwing someone over.
- Changing source code, not compiling it and committing it to the repository.
- Rebooting, or worse, restaging a test server without telling anyone.
- Making configuration changes and not informing others.
- Consuming all the RDP connections to a server.

When any of the above happens, the screwed developer yells "Farq!"
by BubbaG June 20, 2007
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1,, (adjective)The distinctive way that 'fuck you' can be disguised in a way that is suitable for children and the elderly. If you say it for a long time it starts to sound like fuck you.

2,, (adjective) the way that an Asian with a heavy accent would say fuck you. Also, if he is trying to say that there's a letter Q that's far away, people may mistake this as fuck you.

3,, (noun) The letter Q that's far away from you. Most likely an Asian man would shout this in public out of fear of the letter Q falling from the sky.
#3 Ex;

Asian #1; "Oh no, da letter Q is farring from da sky!!!"

Asian #2; "Far Q!"

Asian #1; "Dat's no cool man...fuck you too."

#2 Ex;

See #3 Ex...

#1 Ex;

Bob; "i love my cat!!!"

Old guy; "......Well I had sex with yo mamma last night"

Bob; "FAR Q OLD MAN!!!!!!"
by A. Randomemochick December 21, 2011
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Word you use when you don't/ can't say fuck you
"Far q johnyy!"
by BrockLee789 June 13, 2017
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Show this to your parents to prove that this word is a word. (Don't show them this part of course)

Farq is a company established in Western Cairns. It stands for Fairly-well, Appropriated, Reclining, quote.
I finally got a job interview at Farq, want to come link up after the interview at the lagoon? I think I might be feeling a bit nervy afterwards.
by CloutRice December 30, 2018
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