Aileen is the cutest and most unique girl in the world. She is adorable, beautiful, funny, sweet, amazing, smart, talented, independent, down-to-earth, caring...You get the idea. Words will never be able to describe her. She is a one-of-a-kind and you'll only meet someone like her only once in your lifetime. She may be shy at first, but once you get to know her, she will be the best friend you ever had. With her lovely sense of humor and her random crazy moments, there will never be a dull moment with her. With her, you can talk about anything and she will always find a way to make you smile, whether she means to or not. Every time I look at her, I know she is worth all the time and trouble because she is just that special.

*She will call you a b*tch, but don't take it seriously
Aileen is the perfect girl.
by EricLovesAileen November 16, 2014
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Aileen is a beautiful smart girl who is shy at first but once she gets comfortable around you you’ll truly see how strange and crazy she is. Aileen’s are real risk takers and will probably do anything if you told her to. Warning: almost all Aileen’s are Irish so they are self conscious and once you talk bad about her she will SLAM you. The word Aileen means “light” and is commonly mispronounced as: alien, I-lien, a-leen, Allen (try and get the name right it really pisses them off when people mispronounce her name wrong)
Look at that girl she’s so pretty and funny”

“She’s a real Aileen”
by i am better than you February 28, 2018
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Aileen is a a very funny girl that has a good sence of humor. She has an outrageous laugh and personality. Aileen will be shy when she first meets you then you will see how crazy she is. Warning: aileens are almost always Irish and take things personally so if you mess with them they will SLAM you.

Almost always mispronounced as Eileen I; leen and close friends call her alien as a joke.
by thisgurll July 15, 2014
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The most beautiful girl,even thought she debts her beauty,she is funny,amazing,and great at singing
Aileen is totally going to be mad at me
by Dope345 November 21, 2017
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sexiest hottest person ever to exist ever created . GODS CHILD ONG aka so cute and lovely <3
Aileen is so lit !
by cartieir October 13, 2021
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A mom who is awesome crazy weird lovable funny and amazing she is on person you can count on and you won't regret meeting her
Aileen is awesome
by Bff March 26, 2012
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The most wonderful, perfect, bundle of sunshine. She is mature, beautiful, and incredibly lucky. Like an Irish sunrise.

She has a soulmate who adores her.
by ecostl February 26, 2010
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