one funky azz groop

see tommy boy records - camel-toe!
fannypack cd be bumpin'...
by Ian - Humphrey Wilder - C June 27, 2003
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Someone who insists on drinking only warm or room temperature "pepseh"(aka pepsi) and seems to always be "busy" doing worthless chores like dusting vases or his dads athletic trophies or minimum wage work-related activies, like Arbie's or some other fast food restaurant, but is really doing one of few things

1. Playing Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops

2. Rubbing one out

3. Macking on really gross Asian chicks that want a one night stand and that have really squinty eyes and have no upper body at all

4. Playing golf all the time, even in the winter and bitching the entire time when playing

5. Complaining about absolutely nothing and blaming everyone but himself for his failures in life

6. Attending religious activities, like buying a new yamaka or a monora
Martin-"We should all hang out this friday."

Derek-"Yeah sounds like a great plan."

Tyler-"That would be Awesome."

Nate-"Thanks for the offer but I already have plans for that day."

All Three-"Wow Nate, you're such a FANNYPACK!!!"

Nate-"Sorry I actually have a life and have other things to do."
by Du So Good December 13, 2010
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Usually a bag which is worn over the vagina while in busy places aka London. Is just big enough to fit a big purse and sum cash in.
Guy " Wow your fanny pack rules"
Girl "Thanks, i know it does!"
by Sxc-Babe-Beth December 05, 2006
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A fannypack is a group of fanboys and/or fangirls who are avid supporters of a person, place, thing etc.
Apple computer fannypacks line up to buy the new IPhone 6 at The Mall of America.
Bodyguard protects musician from rabid fannypack.
by JB Buttle July 14, 2013
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When a woman takes it in both holes, thus packing it in both her British and American fannies.
While unfashionable, she always touted the usefulness of a good fanny pack once in a while.
by nalpwod April 17, 2008
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