A person who is left with the blame for a crime, regardless of whether they were involved or not. Generally a lowly mob member who has to take the blame to protect their boss. Used in Film Noir book and movies.
Mugsy was the fall guy for the murder, and received a big payout when he got out of jail.
by The Kuvasz October 28, 2007
(noun) A patsy; a chump; a person who is left with the blame for a crime, oftentimes planned and premeditated by others prior, regardless of their involvement they are subject to and endure the punishment due others.
Born without much common sense Nikki made for the perfect fall guy in Rikki and his gang's next caper which was going to be a heist at the city's only jewelry store. Details aside, it would be a cakewalk, after the crew secured the plundered stones they'd just spin a yarn on old stupid Nikki that would have him stay behind to bear the brunt of their job. When the cops got there by the time they dealt with all his foolishness they would have extended time to get the fuck out of dodge.
by Nikki Stixx June 9, 2021
An online battle royale of mini games in which players must prevent any players using the outfit of the streamer ninja from winning
Person 1: Damn, another idiot using ninja’s outfit in Fall Guys

Person 2: Eww, how embarrassing. Grab them and push them off the ledge

Person: I WILL. I MUST
by tiddy skittles December 24, 2020
All Fall Guys move along and Fall down to the beneath the Earth down a hole,
All the Fall Guys have been Winning the Race Except for Tim.
by JarredHD August 19, 2020
A new game that console war advocates won't shut up about it not being on xbox.
Fall guys is better than watching child porn with my stepsis.
by Darkpen August 24, 2020
A person that takes all the blame for something when it goes wrong
by GiovanniRomero February 20, 2015
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 2020 game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver.

60 players compete in a cross between a battle royale and an obstacle course on an attempt to qualify in randomly selected minigames.
Person: What's the most trending game in the month of Augu-
Everyone else: FALL GUYS!
by The7Guy August 13, 2020