A person who acts in a disgustingly sanctimonious manner one minute and acts like a total ho the next. Can be said of both genders and all races.
Hoochie Girl...one minute, she's rattling off Bible verses; the next, she's trying to shake her stretch mark-laden backside in any and every guys face.
by Shawn B. October 29, 2003
A fake Christian is an individual who appears as a Bible believing Christian in public but in actuality lives a perverted lifestyle that defiles the teaching of both the New and Old Testaments. Someone who attends church services with the attention of appearing as a genuine Christian but whose intentions are soley to misguide others on his true nature. In addition, a fake Christian may participate in the following actions: Pronouncing his/her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ but approves of activities like abortion, extramarital affairs, perversion, defiling of the White House, etc...
Examples of a fake Christian are President Bill Clinton, "Reverend" Al Sharpton and most American leftists.
by Voltaire11 September 19, 2006
A type of faux-Christian who typically only highlights any content of the Bible that serves their bigoted perspectives. When it comes to 'loving thy neighbor' they fail miserably, often by proclaiming that people migrating in order to escape persecution need to, "go home", and that "the government needs to build a wall" to keep them out. It's likely that if they existed when Mary was pregnant and migrated in order to find a safe place to give birth to Jesus, they would slam the door right in her face and be cool with her child dying of dehydration.
That fake-ass Christian is donating money to the "build a wall fund" created by another fake-ass Christian who plans on keeping the money.
by Lobster_Poop December 25, 2018
Oooooh! So the acting it out part is ancillary!? It’s the belief that is more important? Ok. Good to know. I thought you actually had to do the shit that the book says but you don’t have to act it out. You just do whatever you want too. Neat. Ok. Cool. I thought I was doing it wrong.
Hym “Ok. It’s not that I think the people I’m talking about are Fake Christians. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe that the creature is real. But you use the book as the basis of your morality. If you’re not doing what the book says, you’re also immoral. By your own standards. And that’s what this is about. When you apply the standards that are being imposed on me to the people doing the imposing. They are just as guilty as I am. And it’s not just the act that you want to control. It’s the discourse. That’s why you don’t want people to listen to me or you want to cherry-pick to which parts they listen. Because if I am too compelling, people do what I want them to do instead of doing what you want them to do. If your logos was superior you wouldn’t need to use subterfuge. You’ve proven that you (And not you, you but you in general) don’t care about people being cancelled. You just don’t think it should be you. I’m not convinced. Especially in light of recent events. They might be more right about you than you care to admit.”
by Hym Iam November 4, 2022