Subordinate; auxiliary also it can mean helping someone like a friend with something or your parents. A secondary importance.
When it came to reading it was never more than ancillary to his math. Something that helps you is an ancillary pump.
by Lauren__91 September 20, 2007
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time given to cadets for military excellence; most cadets though choose to masterbate like a maniac or aka beat it
person 1: do we have ancillary training today?
person 2: yes we do
person 1: YES, you going to be in the room?
person 2: no
person 1: this is the best day ever!
by GoCharl August 11, 2008
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The collective of less favored or unknown individuals in a group, supportive or aside from the primary person(s) of interest.
John: Why don't you meet us over at the restaurant?
Jane: I'm leaving work now. Who all is going?
John: Me, Melissa, Jack and a few other ancillary faggots.
by Hexum311JH July 1, 2015
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