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Derived from Persia. This is used to describe someone - usually a female who is intelligent and wise - that others may be jealous of very quickly, usually women are jealous of her and men find her either alluring or a threat to their ego.
Person a: That girls is so smart!!
Person b: No way, she's not that smart, she may have gotten a million A-grades but she's probably sleeping with the teachers.
Person a: Nahhhh you just jealous coz she's a fahmida!! Youre a haterrr!
by see-er December 15, 2013
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Someone who is kind, confident at times, and appears as quiet. Can be casual around closer people... sometimes goes too far when angry. People may regard a Fahmida as shy when she is just afraid of what people think of her. She can also be disregarded at times. She may not look it but she is very, very understanding. She understands and thinks more than most people in this world. She feels lonely very easily. She is sometimes insecure, and may show love in food. It is hard to tell what she is thinking. She can pull up a great poker face that will frustrate anyone. She may love tragic stories, tragic romance to be specific. She is very beautiful, and suffers from envy very easily because of feeling great insecurity. People may be quick to judge of her appearance. She can be a rather good flirt in front of her crush if she's feeling confident enough, but appropriately. She is also very mature for her age. She has many talents, but doesn't show it, which results her into being frustrated in herself. She gets hurt easily and flattered easily.

Overall, Fahmida is one of the best girls alive. She would be a great and caring friend, but too embarrassed to show it.
Mom: So, how was your first day of school, honey?
Girl: It was okay. I also made a new friend - her name is Fahmida.
Mom: Really? Be sure to treat her well. A Fahmida is a very great person to be friends with.
by Shapla December 28, 2017
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a word used to describe someone who is interesting, fun, and an overall great person.
Dang that girl I talked to earlier, that was a fahmida!
by CR@ZZii J@Y J@Y June 27, 2008
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a beautiful girl who is really smart and the brown guys are wants to go out with her
Person m : dam who is she this girl ?
Person g : thats fahmida the smartest girl in jfk
Person m : wow thats a fahmida alright but does everybody love her ?
Person g : yeah but fahmida is into brow guys
Person m: oh i might talk to fahmida
Person g : you go and get the fahmida
by IanMoone1996 February 01, 2012
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