A person that attracts fags
All the gay guys keep talking to him, he's such a fagnet!
by DarkangelUK January 12, 2004
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A person, usually straight, to whom homosexuals and bisexuals are drawn as friends.
My ex-wife is a fagnet. Every gay person, man or woman, for 500 miles will find her.
by coffee_sloth June 19, 2003
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A straight woman who consistently attracts attention from gay men in various social and public settings.
Jackie: Dude, Kerry always finds random gay guys to buy her drinks and pay her cover charges.

Teo: Yeah, she is such a Fagnet.
by MartyandKendal July 04, 2009
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The attraction of homosexuals to a hetrosexual male.
This guy asked to show me mine again.
Really that's sick.
Yea, I'm a fagnet.
by foug March 25, 2003
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1. A woman traditionally referred to as a fag hag, but who is much too beautiful to be called a hag. Often, she is surrounded by many gays. Derived from the words fag and magnet.

2. Any beautiful person, male or female, that attracts homosexual men.
"Girl, you are so fine, and you always have a gay guy at your side; you are such a fagnet."
by wallen December 19, 2005
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