Two friends who are usually smoking without their parents knowing, and a bit trampy, because basically they share cigarettes.
"Urgh... look at them fagmates.. they're such tramps
by shadyzlilladee August 19, 2005
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one who acts like a faggot automaticaly; without any hesitation or second thought.
Sam entered the GAP and immediatly purchased a flowery pink shirt. It was a FAGMATIC gesture.
by luciano July 28, 2003
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A gay rap group consisting of Skkkeet3r, JewFro, and lil Nicca
Fagmatic is the rap group of all time
by J4K3_ December 19, 2022
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to think like a homosexual
jimmy sais we should all take off our shirts. he's being fagmatic again.
by sa July 27, 2003
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The proud mayor cut the ribbon to proclaim creating 300 jobs that all pay only minimum wage. Such jobs are good only to fagmat.
by Puchin October 30, 2011
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These occur when a man has a sexual dream about another man.
"Dude, don't hang out with Terrance tonight, he's been having lots of fagmations recently"
by Keaters August 31, 2008
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