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The snobbery and cockiness exhibited by some gay males; often though not exclusively coupled with a verbal tone of patronization and highly exxagerated disdain for his surroundings (people, things), as well as general "nastiness". The pretentious attitude expressed by the phrase, "I'm so fabulous, and you so aren't". Ironically exhibited by fags who aren't even fabulous. The gay super-ego.
His fagitude got on my nerves. No matter what he was saying, it sounded like: "I'm so fabulous and you aren't, and its soooo hard for fabulous me to live in this un-fabulous world".
by writingjulie September 28, 2006
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The extremity of one's gayness. A level of homosexuality.
When he enters the room, no one can stand the level of fagitude which follows him in.
by Keith (Jesus) December 16, 2003
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What guys who call everyone else fag and think they're effing awsum have
Girl 1: Hey r u still friends with Tristan?

Girl 2: No, he's having major fagitude.
by Aiely Auh-Mazing April 20, 2010
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