Bita is someone who is extremely beautiful inside and out. A person who is always there to talk to. One of the sweetest people you will ever meet. A Bita has a gorgeous face and personality. They are very great friends and true lovers. If you ever get lucky enough to get yourself a Bita, you better hold on. A Bita is a goddess, with massive breasts a nice booty and a hot body. Bita's are good in bed. Overall Bita's are wonderful people. They are also very sensitive and don't trust easily but once you earn there trust they will be sure to tell you everything. Bita's are loyal soul mates and great lovers. They are unique and lovable.
Wow look at Bita she's so beautiful, I wish she was mine!

Bita is so sweet I love her and can trust her with anything
by Gio52862 November 4, 2014
An Bita is a naughty, ambitious, strong and hard-working person!

Ur Harry Potter house would definitely be Slytherin!!!
She's so a bita !
by Stilldontknowmyname November 2, 2020
Someone I look up to because i have absolutely no life whatsoever.
She's a god.She's amazing.I have no life.
Omg that Bita is amazing,look at her hair.
by Allyssaxhusky January 2, 2009
The name Bita is normally given the a person who is kind and compassionate. Bita is the sweetest people in the world. she lights up a room when she walks into it and her laugh could cure cancer. She has the most amazing smile and she and she is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. She may be small in stature, but she makes up for it in spunk and sarcasm. she is the most beautiful person you will ever meet. She has beautiful eyes, and very straight teeth. She Has a problem trusting people, but once you get closer with her, she will open up and spill her secrets and talk about her issues. She doesn't do well with talking about emotions and is an awkward person. Bita's normally wear very baggy and oversized clothes to hide their body, because they are very insecure. But underneath the grandpa clothes, she was a beautiful body that is smooth and soft. She makes other feel like they are the most special person in the world, and everyone who meets her instantly falls in love. Bita's love language is gift giving and will often give you small meaningful gifts on random.
"hey girly pop! I have a gift for you!"
"OML you are the sweetest. A total Bita."
by Adolf Oliver Nipple1 June 24, 2022
Someone who copies off another person. Someone with no life. Someone who feels it nessesary to copy and not be themself.
YO, Candice is a bita. she bited of my brand new kicks.
by Sigrid December 20, 2005
she is so fu**ing beautiful and hot . but she is a little crazy 🤪. And her boy friend will become crazy of her beauty. i wish you luck man.
_Oh , did you see that hot girl at the party ?

+ yeah boy , who can’t see bita .
by ley November 23, 2021
Another word for genious, or the underside of a cows utter.
That girl is such a bitas...she can recite quotes from "The Great Gatsby" right off the top of her head....freak.

Wow...look at the size of that cow's bitas!!
by anonymous185 May 9, 2005