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verb: to fondle with a partner sexually, but only to the point where clothing mostly stays on and orgasm is never achieved.
"dude, did you guys hook up!?"
"I guess bro, we just fadangled..."
by livetodie122 June 29, 2011
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Sl. A term used to describe an act of theft; synonymous with "covet," "steal."
"Fingers done fadangle shit, house block down, cuh."
by Ben Hashem October 04, 2003
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to play with the snatch or arouse your partner right up until the climax and stop.
hey what did you guys do last night, nothing man we only fadangled
by RATCHETCLUB September 30, 2013
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To move or make adjustments in order to reach a specific goal or outcome; to make do. "as in robbing peter to pay paul". Also, to play around with.
Having a very limited budget, I often fadangle with minimum payments and closing dates in order to reach and maintain a desired credit score.
by Shine eyes September 03, 2018
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