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losers who spend their day fucking around on face book instead of working because they THINK the world wants to know about their day.
They never get their work done because they're to busy being a facefucker
by r2kal February 01, 2009
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Someone who fucks a mouth and throats. Also known as throatfuck. It's a more active role than receiving a blow job.
The Facefucker held my head while facefucking me deepthroat.
by Sebulator July 27, 2016
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another word that can replace any of the following; cocksucker,motherfucker,donkeypuncher,or fuck you you fucking fuck, or another way to say fuck
your boss tells you your fired and you reply by calling him a face fucker, or just now like i did by slamming my head into the computer stand aloudly i remarked "facefucker"
by " SOPAH" March 24, 2010
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