A social networking website that you can learn your girlfriend broke up with you, became bisexual and looking for whatever they can get.
X and Y ended their relationship.
Y is now single.
X is an idiot and he's still in a relationship.
Y is now interested in "Women" and "Men"
Y is I facebooked your mom X.
Y is now in a Open Relationship with X's mom.
by nerval November 18, 2007
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A social networking site that is commonly used to get in touch with friends from high school that you were supposedly *never going to see again*. Also used to get in contact with people that you just met last week(thank God you remembered their name). Facebook is very popular and used by most college students.

Facebook is pretty cool, until you realize the vast majority of your "Friends" won't return your messages, write on your wall, or comment on your photos. And God forbid you look at someone else's photos, comment on any of them, or write on anybody's wall that you didn't have sleepovers in preschool with because then you will be a "Facebook stalker".
Random Chick #1: "OMG, I totally just got a facebook! So, like, now, I can hang out with, like, everybody I went to high school with!"

Random Guy: "They're going to ignore you, stupid."
by protectmeaura December 20, 2006
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A web site where you go to see how fat and ugly all of your old "friends" have become and to see how many babies the fine bitches from HS school have shit out. A place to read stupid ass comments about how much being a parent is a pain in the ass. A website for losers.
My social life consists of reading comments on Facebook.
by abc123 don't touch me! February 05, 2010
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A social network that must be destroyed.
Facebook friends are just my internet friends. Most of them don't mean shit to me and I find myself on it everyday.
by D-techtive April 06, 2010
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An online network that is recently becoming more comparable to myspace. It started as a college-based network, where kids from different colleges could add each other as friends. Then it branched out to high school. And now, EVERYONE can use it.

If that weren't enough, there's now a "news feed" feature, that lets you see pretty much every move your friends make whenever they log on. It's basically Myspace 2 nowadays.

Even worse, the fact that it's now open to everyone pretty much makes it the stalker's wet dream. It was cool at first, but now it seems more and more like a violation of privacy.
Stalker: Hey, Shannon. I know that you're now going out with Rick.

Shannon: How'd you know that?

Stalker: I read it on the facebook news feed. And I saw the new pictures you added. They're hot.

Shannon: (runs away)
by HueyFreeman November 04, 2006
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a MMORPG where players compete to collect the most "friends" by stalking other players, posting status updates and photos, and playing mini-MMORPGs like Farmville, Mafia Wars and (fluff)Friends.
"I spend two hours a day on facebook, and I have 1,600 friends (98% of whom I never speak to in RL). In other words, my e-peen is bigger than yours."
by gracefool February 07, 2010
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