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Refers to the phenomenon of posting random, usually meaningless, status updates multiple times daily. Often comes via the blackberry or iPhone. Clutters up the newsfeed. The sufferers of tourettes are known to post many times an hour. Likely the reason for the 'hide' feature.
Libby's got the facebook tourettes again and hit a record for 15 useless status updates on the newsfeed.
by SexPanther2003 August 09, 2009
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A moment in which you have no control over what you say on the social-networking site Facebook. Generally, this indescretion is only for a moment- just long enough to say something stupid on a friend's wall. Or, if you're an idiot with no sense of shame, these Facebook Tourette's "attacks" may last for hours, even days, on end. These attacks are not limited to Facebook, and may happen on any site where users can comment or write statements.
I wasn't going to say that on her wall, but then Facebook Tourette's kicked in and I couldn't help myself.
by Mick O'Tilly January 28, 2009
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An increasingly common condition already afflicting hundreds of thousands worldwide, Facebook Tourette’s renders its victims incapable of discerning the appropriateness of public posts on Facebook. Victims feel compelled to post every detail of the minutia of their lives on the social networking site for everyone to read. In addition, they feel as though they are required to respond to the posts of others, no matter how mundane their responses may be.
If left untreated, Facebook Tourette’s can eventually morph into a full-blown version, whereby its victims feel obliged to share private details about their lives, leading to a host of potentially mortifying revelations shared freely with the entire world.
Dude, you'll never believe what your mom posted on your wall. I know she can't help it, though. That's her Facebook Tourette's talkin'
by powersiblings June 12, 2010
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When someone gets so pissed off that they forget that their parents/teachers/bosses can see what they say and go on a swearing binge that usually takes place in comment threads on a wall post or status. At its worst, Facebook Tourette's dissolves into a shapeless, embarrassing deluge of profanity that lacks any semblance of grammar.
Tommy: LOL shut up jimmy
Jimmy: no tommy you shut the f@*k up you f@*king b*%@h d*%k piss s@!t d@*k f^*k
Tommy: dude you should be medicated i think u have facebook tourette's
by Roger McChicken Smodger July 21, 2011
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To curse or say something derrogatory towards a person or a post on Facebook upon seeing it/them.
Bill has Facebook Tourettes when he sees Jill's new status.
by DarkFang32 January 07, 2011
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