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A person (preferably a woman)who has the uncanny ability to swallow completely a man's penis until his balls rest on their (her) chin. Usually associated with a person with no gag reflex.
Ericka gobbled my whole cock, she ended up with face balls.
by Stu January 24, 2005
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The use of facebook to either 1)impress the opposite sex because in real life (face to face) the person would not have the guts, or balls, 2) using facebook as a forum to bash others when in real life (face to face) they would not have the guts or balls to do so.
Dave sure does have alot of female friends on his facebook, how come he never gets together with any? Dave has faceballs, he could never be as cool in person.

Does Dave have any idea who that guy is as he bashes his profile and pics? He would kick his ass if they met face to face. Oh yeah, he has faceballs. A real tough guy on Facebook.
by Iamctaz2u April 19, 2010
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The word used to describe a popular new form of aquatic sport in which participants throw giant exercise balls at one another in an attempt to hit each other in the face.
Boy 1: Have you played Faceball yet? The popular new aquatic sport that has been sweeping the nation of Australia at a glacial pace?
Boy 2: No, but it sounds enjoyable and I can immediately grasp the concept of it as said concept is basically outlined in the name given to the sport!
by Cregford Mayweather February 04, 2010
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A backyard game played with a rake, a nerf football, and a picnic bench.
1) Can only be played when a Weller is present.
2) If the ball is hit and caught by a fielder, all the runners on base are out, and the batter stays up.
3) After 5 strikes the batter is out.
4) After 5 balls the batter is walked.
5) If the ball is hit inbetween two fences less than a foot apart, a homerun is scored.
6) If the ball has been hit the fielders may throw the ball at the runner. If they hit the runner, the runner is out. Tie alway goes to the fielder if it is a good hit.
7) New rules can be made by Wellers.
Dude, I've had enough of this; I'm sick of raking the yard! Let's call up the Wellers and play some faceball!
by stevie September 13, 2003
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Face Balls, a word meaning epic and awesome, beats everything and everyone. It is the most powerful word in the galaxy! Use it in any sentence and you will win.
Face Balls, is the meaning of life.
Different uses

"Yo mama so fat when she steps on a scale it says only one at a time", " Face Balls" "FU$% you win"

Girl friends ugly, "Face Balls" She an angel

Bank robbery, "Face Balls" They cuff themselves

No boner, "Face Balls" It's sky skraper tall

Rainbow, "Face Balls" Double Rainbow

Burger, "Face Balls" Big Mack inside another Big Mack

Wife Sex, "Face Balls" Six Girls Sex

Small Boobs, "Face Balls" Dougeball Boobs

"Face Balls", "Face Balls" Universe Splits in two
by Zadtrix August 24, 2011
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