One who tells or makes fables
As a journalist, you are thoroughly unethical. As a fabulist (look it up), you are fabulous.
by yifl December 19, 2007
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A combination of both 'Fantastic' and 'Fabulous'
Join "Thats So FABULISTIC - a petition to get FABULISTIC into the dictionary! on facebook."
Instead of saying, She's so fantastically fabulous, a much better phrase would be, She's fabulistic.
by Ffion + Charlotte September 15, 2008
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A combination of the words 'FABULOUS' and 'FANTASTIC' created by Welsh pair, Ffion and Charlotte, soon to be famous word inventors.
It's So FABULISTIC that soo many people have joined the facebook group overnight! ;) xxx
by ggeeoorrggee September 14, 2008
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When something is beyond freakin' fabulous.
Similar to awesome
The funiture at Ikea is fabulistic!
"The Rock" is freakin' fabulistic!
by Carrie-Lynne Glason April 18, 2004
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One who is signed up to Facebook but only uses it to comment on others pictures, and upload their own; a dedicated camwhore who loves critiscizing the way you look in passive aggressive way. Easily identifiable, as they'll usually upload a hundred or so photos a day and have the insatiable habit of rating all of your photos out of 10.
Isaac: "Oh yeah, did you hear? Jenny finally signed up for Facebook."

Josh: "Yeah, I know."

Isaac: "She's fit, you should add her."

Josh: "No thanks - it's been 3 days and she's already got 2,000 photos uploaded. The last thing I need is a Facebook fabulist on my profile."
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk August 7, 2010
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When something is fabulous, but even more so, generally to do with the stage/performance.

A slightly more interesting way of saying fabulous.


Usually accompanied by jazz hands, spirit fingers or some sort of showy hand movement.
Me: Wow, I can tell this performance is going to be fabulistical! *Jazz hands*

Me: Wow, I'm just SO fabulistic!
by JAZZ HANDS!!! January 25, 2010
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A fan fiction writer who operates as a gossip blogger pretending to be a biographer of those they flat out hate and actively screw over. One step away from being a plagiarist as they tend to piss off publishers and authors alike. See real person fiction fan writers are often hostile when it comes to creative nonfiction writers as there are gossip bloggers who a comment asked, "What exactly is creative non-fiction? Is it non-fiction or something you just pull out of your ass based on something that really happened?" Fannish fabulists see narrativejournalism as a dirty word as the sources will sometimes take years to emerge as gossip blogger and failed publisher Bandersnatch Books founder took an active bowel movement on The Cabbie Homicide.
A creative nonfiction writer outted the Queen of Gargoyle Fanfiction as a fannish fabulist in 2008 when she covered for a known debacle.
by illinoishorrorman January 14, 2018
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