originally the two notes my nephew was to play in the Christmas program, is now the family word for any effing thing
Dang, I can't get the f and g computer to work.
by dflgirlygirl December 22, 2008
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Go Fuck a Goat.

or, to procreate with a goat.
"Man, that guy just needs to G. F. A. G."

Why are you talking in acronyms? And yes, he does.
by Risky Plissken December 23, 2008
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Abbreviation for Flip-n-Grip. An Asian massage parlor where you get jerked off at the end of the massage. Or after they are done rubbin' you down, they flip-n-grip. That is if they massage you at all...
Man, there was this fine ass little ho at the F 'n' G last night that blew my mind!
by Punkbrad May 17, 2006
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Fucking New Guy...as in new guy on the job!
That F 'n' G is going to screw it up for everyone by kissing the bosses ass!
by GMac41 April 11, 2008
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Fart-B-Gone. Lysol or other air deodorizers given to someone at work or home with extreme gas.
put the F-B-G on his desk, he's ripping ass.
by jowdiggy August 12, 2008
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