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A walking god on earth. Meerly exists in society to pleasure the female population and to educate males as how to become men.
Similar to Chuck Norris but way better.
by LouLou781992 November 05, 2008
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Ezra is the kind of person who has the ability to make you laugh no matter what the situation. Speaking of laughs, Ezra's typically have a very unique laugh, that sometimes contains snorts.. But if you have ever heard it, you know it is quite adorable! Ezra's can be sensitive when it comes to their age, because he tends to be more mature, and hangs out with people older who pick on him for being "young".. Although, sometimes he has quite the colorful vocabulary! They also tend to get quite hyper, and occasionally have attention disorders.. But as long as they take their meds, they're okay! Be sure to hold onto your friendship with Ezras, because it is quite difficult to find one like it!! Also.. They also tend to like video games. Varying from many consoles!
GUY #1: Hey dude, have you ever heard of Terraria?
OTHER GUY: No, but Ezra talks about it all the time, you should talk to him about it!
by dneirfsttam January 18, 2012
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Ezra is a baller , he’s sexy , fine asf , whoever is with him is lucky but look out to see what he’s doing . He is tuff and smart . Hes most likely to be a basketball player when he grows up . Ezra is not a name used a lot but it’s a cool name . Any girl to have him is lucki . He is a hottie and his personality is lit asf .
Hey is that Ezra , omg that’s him

by May 20, 2018
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A Name Usually Hebrew, refers to a man who has High intelligence, good looks, large hoohaa, great strength, and the Sci-Fi type of guy.
Holy S*** It's Ezra!!!
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Ezra is the kind of thing you always want around you.
Ezra can make you happy.
Ezra can lift your spirits with just looking at it.
Person1: Man, I am feeling so tired & just so discouraged lately..
Person2: Hm, I know just the thing!. Try Ezra!. It'll make you feel happy, & like all is going well..

Ezra is better than drugs.
by Justafaceinthecrowd February 21, 2009
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