A phrase uneducated people use to respond to someone.
Correct Example: “I disagree with her statement”

Incorrect Example: “I’m like, I disagree with her statement.”
by Mr. Phonics December 28, 2017
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A girl who does one or more of the following and says she’s different because of this
-enjoys eating
-watches Netflix

-doesn’t go to parties
-plays video games
-likes reading (especially horror or mystery)
-doesn’t like skirts or dresses or crop tops
-listens to old music
-listens to Billie eilish
-wears checkered vans
-wears band t shirts
-were only black
-doesn’t wear makeup
-only wears makeup for themself
Girl 1: Is it just me, or am I the only one who actually would rather eat a pizza than go on a diet?
Person 1: literally everyone would rather eat pizza
Girl 1: I guess I’m not like other girls
by FreshestAvocado April 19, 2019
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Their opinion about themselves is always wrong.
Girl : Come on, please date me! I’m not like other girls!

Guy : No.

Girl : LOL, whatever! I didn’t like you anyway!
by im a dictionary man August 24, 2019
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Someone who thinks they are different from the other girls for and try to put other girls down for male validation. They crave attention and try their best to be “quirky”. They are most likely like every other girl in the world and is basic. They are pick me’s
Absolutely nobody at all:

I’m not like other girls: im not the rest, I like soy milk instead of the mik all the other girls drink 🥺
by Phenexx November 13, 2021
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Something that Simps say in order to gain the trust of a female.
Come on Jane, I’m not like other boys.
by Heyitsj000 November 11, 2020
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In 2006 the Dekalb County prosecutor dropped murder charges against Gucci Mane in relation to a home invasion in which he and his crew shot and killed one of the invaders.

To feel like Gucci Mane in 2006 is to feel like you’re winning and just generally vibin good
"Yo, yesterday was your last child support payment right?”

Yeah my nigga. I feel like I’m Gucci Mane in 2006
by Rikit1kiTavi March 2, 2020
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