Stands for 'Sorry About That One'.
Aus: yo fuck man i can't find my fuckin wing card
Ted: sato bud guess u payin for em
by Big Looch February 14, 2021
A spanish word for mutt, can also be used to describe someone who comes from questionable social background or from lower class.
You don't know who your daddy is, your a Sato,
by hypno2099 February 19, 2008
A spanish word for mutt.

Also used colloquially to refer to someone who is flirtatious.
That is a street dog, a Sato.

You're such a Sato/Flirt.
Eres un sato/coqueto.
by Sunshine and Sins April 2, 2020
to flake, to ditch, to fake out, to pull a disappearing act, to lie, to scheme, to bail out, someone to agrees to do something but doesn't follow through, to decide not to go last minute
Sato: yooooo i'll see you guys at 6PM
Friend: okay sounds good, catch you later man
(a text 5 minutes before meeting time)
Sato: yoooooo nevermind man, can't make it today
Friend: nothing new, when have you ever made it. see you when i see you.
by friend of sato November 14, 2013
A nonbender in The Legend Of Korra, part of the avatar series.
Daughter of Hiroshi Sato. Heiress of future industries.
Asami Sato is pale with green eyes and black hair. She fights with an equilist glove and is a great driver
Direct quotes from the legend of Korra

Korra: All right. Let's ride!

Bolin: Naga away!

Naga throws them all off

Korra: Alright, scratch that, any other ideas?

Asami Sato: Hmm. I think I have the answer.

(drive a car up to them)

Asami Sato: You think this'll do?

Mako: I like the new Team Avatar's style
by eclipseangel99 December 21, 2013
The most beatiful fun loving girl you could ever meet in your life.
I cannot compare Ayako Sato to anyone else<3
by GuessWhojkz November 22, 2010
The BEST Legend Of Korra! She is a non-bender, with emerald eyes and jet black hair. She wears purple eyeshadow and red lipstick. She fights with an Equalist glove. She is the daughter Hiroshi Sato. She is also the CEO of Future Industries, and Avatar Korra’s girlfriend.
Person A: “Oh, who’s that?”

Person B: “Oh her? That’s Asami Sato.”
by (*__*) BITCH March 24, 2021