Kee is an amazing girlfriend to have She cool, goofy, Cute , intelligent & conceited Anyone who meets her will instantly fall in love with her. Kee might be the jealous & curious type but she'll never your side when things get to rough
Kee is an amazing girlfriend to have
by Keee December 25, 2016
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The most amazing guy you’ll ever meet. He’s smart and funny and kind. Almost too kind for his own good. He is an awesome singer and would make an even better boyfriend. Kee will never do you wrong, especially if you’re someone he calls a friend. He is always there for you and gives the best hugs when you need them. Kee is an all around great guy.
Brad: hey do you go out with kee?
Skye: Yeah why?
Brad: Nothing, he’s just a great guy. Don’t let him get away
Skye: I know! He’s kind,funny,sweet,gentle,cute...
by Ericabaldwin September 12, 2019
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A word that some of us Native people say as a fill in as as if!, thats stupid, err, etc.
Aleah: Look Merissa at my hair.
Merissa: Kee, just ugly!
Aleah: Hahaha!
by CornerStore October 11, 2009
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Used to amplify and exclaim your feelings. A word commonly used in Massachusetts.
“Yo come over and help me get rid of this gram
Ayyy that’s kee bro”
“Yo u coming over for some fortnite tonight”
“Yeah bro let’s get the kee”
“Yo your girl is looking fine today”
“Yeah she’s lookin kee today”
“Your hair looks fucked up today”
“Yeah I wasn’t really kee this morning”
by freewtwftw May 2, 2018
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The Keeborn, Keegreet, and other sects of the Kee in Race For Doroon and In Search Of The Kee.
Kee possess special powers such as invisibility, flight, and ESP.
by Downstrike June 5, 2004
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A Short form of the word Queer.
You're a kee!
You're either a Jew, or a Kee!
by Michael Hillier May 30, 2005
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to laugh...mostly at somebody. to giggle with a friend, to yourself, "carry on" with someone about something funny; talking it up, laughing on and on about something, that to others, may not be "as" funny
To say Keisha don't like Shawn, they shole were kee-keein the other day at lunch. I knew Eric liked Tee, he got her over there kee-KEEin, don't he?
by TuffEnuff October 29, 2008
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