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A volunteer slave. Someone, male or female, who will do anything for the band for free just to hang out and be near them: tote equipment, wash thier car/laundry, babysit, walk and feed the dog, head off unwanted visitors, go out and bring back fast food/condoms/beer, fill out paperwork. The female version likes to make it very clear they are not there to sleep with band.

Band bitch mottos: "WE ARE NOT GROUPIES!!! We're Band- Aids. We are devoted fans. We're here to support the band. We do it for the music."

Has a false sense of superiority over groupies and those who are in the business for the money.
"Tommy got the band bitch to distract the photographer for him. She didn't know he was sneaking out to be with that other girl."
by so42gob4dawn August 2, 2006
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Someone who spends all thier free time hanging around a band or attending concerts without seeming to have any purpose for being there. Never seen doing anything with a purpose except pestering hotties.Talks all the time about music/band/band life like they're knowledgable, but aren't. There to mooch and hook up.

There to consume, spoil others' enjoyment, and spread disease, like a rat chewing its way into a bag of grain, eating a little while pissing and leaving shit on all that's left.
"I thought he was cool at first, kinda good-looking, but he turned out to be a fuckin' band rat. He was going on and on, talking like he knew the guys in the band, but he didn't even know the bass player was a special guest from another band. Then he asked me for my cell phone number and the whole time he was staring at Amy's breasts."
by so42gob4dawn August 2, 2006
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Extremely frustrated and angry like a man with four testicles and no penis; can't release the frustration the normal way so you're looking for other outlets

variations: 'eggs cornered with no rooster' and 'four squared and uncocked'

"Stay out of Nelson's way. You're already on his shit list and he's got his balls squared and uncocked."
by so42gob4dawn August 7, 2006
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When a band is still performing with just one or none of the original start-up members, performing songs written by the original members, and using the same gimmicks of the original members to draw a crowd. And it's just a matter of time before the original members and/or songwriter notices and sues their ass to shut them down.

"KISS hasn't exceeded their bandwidth yet, but I say it's only a matter of time."
by so42gob4dawn August 3, 2006
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A annoying neurotic housepet that craves affection like a addict craves drugs. If you start petting it, it will expect you to keep stroking it and rubbing it under the chin indefinitely. You push it off you 98 times, it crawls back on you 99 times, purring, rubbing, kneading, licking, drooling, and looking cute. A black bottomless hole of need. It sticks to you and can only be removed with force, a condition known as Cattic Cling. These episodes frequently occur when unsuspecting human target is playing a computer game or reading a book or trying to write. Putting on formal or expensive clothing that shows every single cat hair can also trigger velcro kitty behavior.
My cat has gone all velcro kitty on me and won't leave me alone.
by so42gob4dawn April 17, 2011
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