Some junky girl that doesn’t exist anymore.
Ky is a ex girlfriend that dosent exists nomore LOL.
by Asb February 17, 2018
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When a girl makes very noticeable changes to her appearance (ex. dying or cutting her hair, wearing particularly sexy clothes) before meeting up with her ex-boyfriend - who is usually the one who left her - a short period of time after the break up to "grab a coffee" or "get her stuff back". This is supposed to have the effect of a shock for the guy, who feels like he's already missed out on a lot and like she's doing great and moving on without him. The goal is to make him ultimately regret his decision.
We were supposed to go to a cafe today to "talk about it", but I bailed because I want Sarah to dye my hair before the next time he sees me, so that the Ex-Girlfriend Effect is be complete.
by sassanova January 29, 2010
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when a group of your ex-girlfriends get together
You really want to avoid an ex-girlfriend junction
by Liz December 25, 2003
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Someone you wish to get away from. Perhaps leave the country and start a new life.

Said someone may rage on Facebook once called, "crazy ex." Typically results in affirming oneself as said "crazy ex"
Damn, that Beccey is one crazy ex girlfriend. Had to move away from New Zealand to start a new life.
by Wow much crazy November 5, 2013
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The big fat Dyke thats calls herself thick but it's just fat & that's she can beat ur ass just because of her weight says she's 160 but we all know the truth, she's also the crazy ex that's won't get over you or out of your life. Basically the worst possible person you could know.
My fat ex girlfriend keeps hitting me up
by Bhadbb January 31, 2018
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A female that isn't your girlfriend yet, but she wants to be, and the male is willing, but knows that he is going to break up with her eventually.
"Meet my future ex-girlfriend, Amanda."
by opiv August 20, 2007
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