To randomly and compulsively say nasty words about a past lover to get over your ended romantic relationship with her.
Leave Jimmy alone. He's not crazy, he just has ex-girlfriend tourettes syndrome.
by Ereck Flowers January 7, 2011
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National ex girlfriend day is a day where you celebrate you and your favorite ex girlfriend
Me:happy national ex girlfriend day :)
My ex gf: bye whore 😂
by Bad bitch period🥴 August 2, 2020
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Fuck you, just cause I’m a straight white male doesn’t mean I’m bad :(
My political ex girlfriend she’s “alt TikTok
by Dumbfkker September 28, 2020
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National ex girlfriend day arrives on august 2nd,this is the day right after national gf day where you celebrate your favorite ex girlfriend
mf you better post me on national ex girlfriend day!!
by million dolla possay August 1, 2021
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I want to fuck you again
He hit his ex girlfriend with the happy birthday text man is down bad he wants to fuck her again.Ex girlfriend happy birthday text
by pp cc uu October 3, 2021
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