Any woman/girl who is a bitch and who you dumped because she would not stop lying, even when you said if you tell one more fucking lie im seriously done with you, im not kidding seriously ill know if you do. Then the next night she lie's, you debate on whether or not to call her out on it, while pondering that you think about your hott next door neighbor and then call her out on it, and end the relationship, thus becoming free from her evil Succubus bitch claws,
My Ex-girlfriend is a cheap piece of shit who is a fucked up bitch that lie's, lie's, lie's, and will never be happy because she isnt happy with herself and because of this she try's to change everyone around her, even her boyfriend... sorry EX BOYFRIEND, when there isnt anything wrong with him.
by Avoi July 14, 2011
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You. You just broke up with someone and you now searched this up on U.D. because you are scared they wrote something about you here. They didnt.
"Wow! Your ex-girlfriend is sneky"!
"Thats why I broke up with her!
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by IDefineLifeForConvenience December 07, 2019
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A self absorbed, selfish wondercunt whose sole purpose in life is to now ensure you don't have any future relationship with your kids whilst maintaining absolute self assuredness that you were the reason for her downfall and that you should burn in the depths of hell, but in most instances should still be 'helping' her out when required.
It's been 12 months and I'm still receiving your post and CCJ's for your fcuked up business linked to our house... your my ex-girlfriend sort your shit out bitch!!!
by Dadmisseshisons2708 September 03, 2018
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The reason you change your Netflix password. The reason you woke up and found your car scratched like a your car was a raccoon orgy last night. Your greatest Fear and worst nightmare. a bitch. The only time When you Feel like your Bill Murray in Groundhog day. The same Nightmare Over and Over and Over again.
My ex girlfriend is trying to murder me. first my car is scratched and now my carpet has been eaten. oh shit.
by HoleMole October 04, 2018
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a girl who has broken up with her boyfriend
He broke up with his ex-girlfriend.
by SweetDivaKay April 23, 2020
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