Pronounced (won-th) Typically referring to the first day of the month in most deep southern territories.
My second cousins half brother asked me if the food stamps were coming in on the onth.
by KIDNIC August 7, 2007
To be perfectly balanced on an object; no chance of falling.
"Is that safe on the ledge?"
"Yeah, of course. It's onthing."
by Robert Davids October 9, 2011
The word you write down on your religion class assignment when you have the bullshit answer of going to mass once a week, but you are half asleep and write "Onth" instead of "Once."

The word used to replace "Once"
"To honor God, I will go to mass onth a week." "Yeah, I've only been to that onth"
by TinyTimLoaf January 5, 2021
The act of putting corn kernels, butter, and salt on your Dick then having a bitch give you a blowjob like shes eating corn-onthe-cob. She has to eat every corn kernel vigorously and the whole time during she has to say om nom nom until she becomes stuffed or too much corn becomes stuck in her throat.
Dude, I porked this fat chick last night. Made her give a Chicago Corn-onthe-Cob.

Man, I got some seck Cob last night.
by 4 amigos November 13, 2010
A real word made by a real person with a real reason
Fred: "Hey guys, today's wordle was onth"
Other Fred: "Wow what a totally real and cool word"
by Gregoreth April 4, 2022