It means that someone is calling you gross. It's an insult.
Joseph: Hello, people! Guess who I am?
Jimmy: You are so ew! =/
by Himitaka Tumashi January 01, 2005
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often confused with eww which means like yuck, but ew means extra weird.
Johnnie is e.w (extra weird)
Johnnie is ew.
by walalala. September 06, 2010
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a universal term to describe something that is hard to look at and/or grotesque in nature

in all accordences it shall however not be use as a direct term to describe the great human being that is Brad
man that kid is EW.... well he wouldnt be if his name was Brad
by ooblegorfin April 24, 2007
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an exclamation--usually an interjection--that conveys surprise or disbelief; often elongated to ewwwww
"As far as friends go, you aiight."
"Ew! Whatever!"
by ell ee dee July 02, 2005
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Exquisitely Wonderful.
Matt: "Did you see Tamara's Instagram post?"
Mark: "Hell yeah bro, that girl is EW as fuck!"
by Totalidiot35 July 20, 2014
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A North-Eastern (England) term for pretty much everything. It can be used to greet, to grab attention, or to show disgust, these being only a few of its meanings.

Rather than pronounced 'Oooo' its literally pronounced 'ew', elongated, it would sound like a post 'Oh'.
Ew mate, how you doing?

Ew, I totally bucked this lass last night.

Ew no you can't say that man!
by kazxxx January 13, 2011
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What gay guys and girls say as an interjection of disgust. Not saying that it is bad to say, its just its a femine type interjection. It can also be Ewwwww!!!!! or ewww! or even EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
You get the idea
Girl: Ewww! That new kid is really ugly!
Girl 2: I would NEVER do him!
Girl: But your a total slut! Of course you would!
Girl 2: Ok I would but not twice!
by XALLION October 26, 2006
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