The re-uptake of the pen you were just using into the stratosphere (or so it seems); when the pen you had manages do disappear without a trace from the face of the earth, to be found again long, long after you've given up (if ever)
"I was JUST writing notes with that pen, where the HELL did it manage to get to!?!?"

"Looks like you've just experienced pen evaporation, brah."
by FireHaze June 18, 2009
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when a girl or guy farts in anothers mouth, the person holds the fart in their mouth for a few seconds, then blows the fart stench in the farters mouth
Man, I had a great evaporation of slim last night! I can still taste the girls meatloaf she had for dinner!
by Slimdawg69 May 08, 2009
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Something you drink right after taking a l'chaim (the yiddish expression - "to life!" used mainly during toasts) or swig of hard alcohol.

Commonly referred to as a "chaser", usually consists of juice, soda, or beer.
"Lets do l'chaims of whiskey"

"Don't forget the L'chaim evaporator - you don't want the whiskey taste in your mouth"
by lchaimlover January 01, 2019
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A nickname given to a manly mans car, whose car is so sexy that when girls ride in it their panties disappear (evaporate) into thin air. This car is usually black with at least one sub. The more subs it has, the more likely the panties are to evaporate.
Damn that boy has a sexy car, it's a panty evaporator!
by Weirdgal69 July 05, 2014
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When you are brewing tea during foreplay and it gets too hot causing all the tea to evaporate, leaving at least one person quite unfulfilled. Can often lead to one participant saying, " that it?"
Q: How was the British tea party sex last night?
A: Not so good man. This is the third time I had premature evaporation this month
by g'nite luve May 14, 2009
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