when you are so hot you feel as though your sweat is evaporating like a jew in an oven
"Bro its 100 degrees out here!"
"I know bro! I feel like an evaporated Jew!"
by JoJoVapor April 05, 2021
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A misleading term used to mask the true identity of sugar in food. It is not healthier than regular sugar but when listed as an ingredient in food products, it fools people into believing they are ingesting a more wholesome alternative.
Let's buy this healthier cereal, it has "evaporated cane juice" instead of sugar in the ingredients!
by ballroomstyle August 03, 2009
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A: "man, I want to be all over her so bad"
B: "dude your sick I can't believe your into her, she old enough to be you grandma. You into evaporated milk?"

A: "what can I say, they get better with age!"
by Moistmonster December 30, 2013
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The sudden disappearance of a sales opportunity. A dramatic reduction in a sales forecast, often leaving the sales person and their manager in an awkward spot.
Why did Jon get fired? The boss got rid of him once he found out that he got infected with the Evaporating Sales Virus. We're not sure if he was making the stuff up or if the economy got him.
by alienevil June 11, 2009
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When plants filled with water get pulled up from the roots and begin to rise.
After I watered my plant, it began evaporation and started rising upwards.
by TriazaHeptane October 18, 2021
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another way of saying someone is stupid.
kenny: who was the first president?
steve: did you brain evaporate? it’s george washington.

kenny: my bad i’m slow.

did your brain evaporate? another way of saying someone is stupid.
by Rlendnsnsk April 07, 2020
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