general insult used by americans to insult europeans
'I am an european you amerifat'
'No your an europoor'
by Pngas February 14, 2020
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A poor European who makes ~€200 a month and is barely able to survive the winters
Hey did you hear that Jack's family dries their fruit on cloths lines?
Haha what a Europoor
by Manly Walker October 7, 2019
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A stereotypical european person - has dentures, poorly educated, smells horrible, and is in general hated the world
Fuck those stupid europoors calling America shit.
by cyka_blyat69 February 13, 2018
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A European from one of the poorer, developing, not-quite-first-world countries of Europe, typically in Eastern Europe or the Balkans.
"Moldovans and Macedonians are Europoors."
by Goomba Pizza November 26, 2022
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An insult usually made by low IQ individuals to insult a european.
by EuroGigaChad98 September 16, 2023
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A generic European fanboy who likes to hate on America for stupid/arbitrary reasons. Tried applying European concept to American society.
“You amerifats have given up your whole cities to cars and have school shootings every week”
Cry more, europoor
by qweebey February 22, 2022
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