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(adj.) An action that would, if the author/speaker not know better, was taken by a eurocrat eating snails in Brussels.
See eurocrat, waste fo time and money
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 07, 2004
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A political system that is the closest European countries are capable of coming to democracy and is exported through mass media without truths as to how Europe stole Africa's natural resources to build their palaces and is yet to be held accountable for the theft.

An Eurocratic system is characterised by elections that are held with massive manipulation of realities by the mass media, massive control of the media to try and show European countries as very democratic. It is also characterized by governments that are racist and xenophobic, crafting foreign policies that wage or support wars against other nations of other races, either to plunder their resources or simply to portray fake military power.
Eurocracy is also rooted in plundering the resources of mainly African countries through racist economic policies towards the continent.

In recent times, all of the Europe's social and economic problems are blamed on immigrant Arabs and the Russians (even though they are the ones who have been plundering other countries' resources for centuries) instead of the rampant corruption in European governments and the failing corporatocracy they created.

The European Union: a classic Eurocracy.
Eurocratic programs include unparalleled control of the media and small change as aid to countries the West pounders everyday.
by CSM305 December 09, 2016
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