United Kingdom Independence Party

A British political party focused mainly on leaving the European Union. UKIP believes that the United Kingdom should be ruled by itself, not by Bureaucrats in Brussels.
War Veteran: I didn't fight the Germans in World War Two just to let them rule us sixty years later. That's why I support UKIP!
by JBF October 29, 2005
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United Kingdom Independence Party

Britain's fourth largest political party, dedicated to freeing Britain from the corrupt and wasteful European Union, and restoring democracy to Britain's political structures. They also have a wide range of other policies; for example, they were one of the first British parties to propose a single flat rate of income tax, and they are strongly opposed to University top-up fees.
UKIP is one of Britain's fastest growing political parties.
by TomPhil November 1, 2005
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United Kingdom Independence Party. In terms of conservative stupidity, one step above the BNP and one step below the Tories. Nationalists that are slightly self aware in that they try to disguise their prejudiced ignorance in the thin veil of hopes of cultural unity, when we all know they're just as racist as any misinformed skinhead from Burnley.
UKIP candidate: We need to make a stand this election and vote for UKIP over Cameron and his Blairite policies
Average voter: So what are your policies?
UKIP candidate: We believe in seperation from the evil EU
Average voter: Not much different from most Tories then
UKIP candidate: Yeah but we also believe Johnny Foreigner should go back to where he came from
Average voter: Still not seeing the difference here gotta be honest
UKIP candidate: They come over here stealing our jobs......
Average voter: Yeah nice one......{leaves}
by Leo Maguire October 26, 2008
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United Kingdom Independece Party

British, Toryesque, single issue, single brain cell, xenophobic political party.

Mission is to make Britain leave Europe because (1) Easier to exploit the working class (2) They don't like "bloody foreigners"

See Robert Kilroy Silkand xenophobe
"Isn't that a bit racist? Oh right, your're from UKIP"
by O April 14, 2005
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A deadly disease infesting constitutions in the UK making the victim unable to see how he/she is wrong. The elderly are particularly vulnerable
Because of nigel Farage's serious case of UKIP, he led a campaign to lead Britain out of the eu
by Vueltaa November 3, 2015
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