Capital of Belgium and Europe, Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city of around one million inhabitants.

It is bilingual French-Dutch with, according to estimations, 95% of it's inhabitants speaking good to perfect French. For English and Dutch these figures are 35% and 28% respectively.

Consequently, you can now understand why Brussels is such a cosmopolitan city. The fact that it hosts the European Commission and the headquarter of the NATO only adds to this. Brussels also has vibrant districts, such as the Matonge, which form ethnic enclaves.

It is culturally very rich, it has a good nightlife, interesting museums, and a world-famous central market square: The Grand Place (it's French name) or the Grote Markt (it's Dutch name: remember Brussels is Bilingual French-Dutch, which in practice means that all street names and signs there are written both in French and Dutch. Policemen are also expected to be bilingual). Monuments in the city include Manneken Pis, the Atomium and the Royal Palace.

The climate there is moderate with relatively lots of precipitation, which is typical for the region.

To conclude, Brussels is a very nice city that has lots to offer and that, even if it can offer a lot of rain, Brussels remains very nice.
"Brussels has the 14th highest living standards in the world!"
by bheb July 11, 2008
Belgium is the country with the best beer in the world (we try to be objective). Therefore, your stay in Brussels cannot be complete without a visit to one of the many typical and beautiful cafes and pubs that you will find here.
by Tom September 28, 2004
Capital of Europe and Belgium.
A very rainy place where nothing ever happens, also the place where fries (frites in french) and chocolate were invented. Never say "french fries" in front of someone who comes from Belgium; because they won't like it. Main languages: French, Dutch, German. It is said to be a pretty ideal place to live, seen the economical situation. Most comics also come from here.

Also, this is where the saxophone was invented(by Adolph Sax, a Belgian Instrument Maker)
"It's raining !"

"Welcome to Brussels".
by pinkgurl March 31, 2011

Capital of Europe. Language spoken there is Dutch; The Dutch spelling of the word is Brussel.

I don't live in Brussels.
by Jafje April 19, 2007

Capital of Europe, (in English: Brussels). Language spoken is Dutch, the Dutch spelling is Brussel.

I live in Brussel.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
Capital of Europe, (= in English: Brussels). They speak Dutch there, the Dutch spelling is Brussel.

I don't live in Brussel.
by Jafje May 6, 2007
Capital of Belgium, Flanders, and the French Community of Belgium as well as the de facto capital of the European Union (EU) due the headquarters of most of the EU's institutions being there.
In English: Brussels, French: Bruxelles, Dutch: Brussel
The city of Brussels in Belgium is very important to the country of Belgium and to Europe as a whole.
by PhilE May 26, 2007