A ‘eulogy-to-be’ is a write-up for the purpose of getting perspective on life so that we can adjust course if necessary, and celebrate life every single day, and not miss out on our own final party.
One of the finer pleasures in life is to have one's guardian angel create a eulogy-to-be for their charge, to keep them on track.

As in, "Is this how you would like to be remembered?"
by ifitdidntexistitshoulve August 7, 2017
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1. Words said to celebrate life of a dead person.
2. An amazing song by Tool from their 2nd CD.
1. Ray had to make a eulogy on the TV show.
2. "You claimed all this time that you would die for me. Why are you so suprized when you hear your own eulogy?"
by The Metal Mallet October 7, 2004
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At every funeral, there comes a moment when someone who knew the dead person speaks about their life. They are delivering what is known as a eulogy. A eulogy is a formal speech that praises a person who has died.
It's a mighty long shot your eulogy will talk about your corner office, but chances are it will most likely talk about your niceness. Wouldn't you agree?
by ScrapperNun August 15, 2014
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A device used to strain vegetables, pasta, soups, and things of that nature.
Get the eulogy, I need to drain the peas.
by Parps April 28, 2022
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the things people say in front of people wen sumone died. u tell people the good things about a person who past away. then u start cryin wen u say it and u make everybudy who listens to it cry.
my frend past away last nite. he was a good person. he never cussed and he never did anythin to hurt anybudy. all he cud do was laf and be happy and make others happy.
by johnny March 3, 2005
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Whenever someone dies who in no capacity will be missed, one can deliver a Fuck Eulogy in their behalf.

(coined by John Oliver in the Bugle Podcast 152)
This is not so much a tribute to Bin Laden as a special Fuck Eulogy to the big man. (Bugle Podcast 152)
by fuckyouchris May 13, 2011
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If you really have nothing to say.

Name was a great (man/woman). (He/She) will always be remembered and will always be in our hearts. In the number years I've known (him/her), (he/she) has always been adjective, adjective, and adjective. (He/She) was not only my relation but also my friend. Every timeframe, we went to place together, and I will never in my life forget those times. I'm sure we all remember the time (he/she) action. Afterward (he/she) told me saying or cliche. And I'll never forget those words. In this world, there are adjective people, and there are opposite adjective people, and I can tell you that Name was the superlative of adjective person I have ever met. I will never forget Name, and I will miss (him/her) for the rest of my life. There will never be another Name.
John: i want you to speak at my brothers funeral. It would mean the world to me

Sam: (SHIT I'VE NEVER MET HIS BROTHER) ...Um sure man anything to make you feel better (If only I had a eulogy madlib)
by Dr. Strang3Love May 14, 2010
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