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a very goals ship between and little boy named Ethan and a stupid girl named Emma. it's very sad honestly. she broke him.
ohhhh look its ethma
by Mr Freckless April 25, 2017
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Ethma is a ship between a kknd girl and a kind boy. They tend to be caught cuddling and holding hands, and their friends tend to be overdramatic. Emma is witty and fun, kind and determined. She is cute, and tends to be smart. Ethan is silly and hangs out with both geeks and popular kids, he can be a social butterfly when he wants. They are both memes.
Ethma is coming our way.
Look at Ethma, his arms over her.
I ship Ethma!
That ship is almost as goals as Ethma.
by Dodecohedron February 12, 2018
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