the sexiest beast youll ever meet! he is stupid, a ninja, amazing, protecting, amazing, and of course SEXY!!! but still kinda stupid.... :D <3 ahahahaha.
i love erle
no way me too!

back off hes mine.

by u_no_who? April 16, 2012
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Erling is a Nordic male name, meaning "Heir of clanchief", i.e. prince or similar
Erling Dekke Næss, controlled the first OBO carrier, proposed the Norwegian International Ship Register
by vlanitak May 14, 2010
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the most sexiest bitch alive. has extreme bootyyyy, don’t fuck w her. who knows what’ll happen.

she’s so nice:)
by Jahannna June 23, 2020
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Hey Bobby, pass me that cookin' erl!
by A. A. Ron May 15, 2005
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(n): slang term for cannabis, more specifically, butane, propane, ice or honey oil forms of cannabis and other concentrates
Yooooo, check out this erl I just got! It's an absolute face melter.
by ChemistryMaster612 July 14, 2017
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ERL was a term created to describe discord users that you are friends with and see/talk to on a daily basis online. It is a play on the term IRL (In Real Life).
Oh who's Manjiee? He's just an ERL we play Apex with every day.
by mar16celino April 18, 2022
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A Norwegian viking, eating potatoes 4 breakfast. He loves ladies, but his name isn't attractive, so no one likes him. Pray for Erling and let him know potatoes r good!
You'll be alright Erling, and potatoes are absolutely amazing!
by Sukulele October 11, 2018
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